Lo Profile – “A Lawnmower And A Gas Can” (EP Review)

Buffalo NY artist Lo Profile drops New music is always a pleasure & listening to this album was an escape from the normal music on the scene, a real breath of fresh air. From 1st glance, the album cover prepared me for a journey especially with a  title like “A Lawnmower And A Gas Can” this reminded me of the nostalgic vibe of 50 cent.  Lo-Profile feels his bars with confidence and power making every word believable this is the essence of a master or ceremony so many artists lack this one important attribute. The album begins with “Sometimes” a mellow track with a conversation flow that keeps the listener engaged based on the interactive listening.

I was impressed with the way Lo Profile was able to make this album flow easily and build as track list goes on. Over time I can imagine how much growth he will experience over the years this collection of songs transcended together as a whole. “Mirrored Reflection” is a song about talking to your soul and loving the concept of who you are. Ancient Kemetic proverb “Know Thy Self & Know the Universe” this is exactly what Lo-Profile is saying in so many words. I like the way he blends his music to everyday phrases that relate to the everyday.

Next on the album list is “Solitude” and the production gives that atmosphere instantly I loved the real serious overtone demanding the listener’s attention this was probably my favorite song on the playlist. Lo-Profile has a spaced-out flow that focuses on the words and drops with the beat perfectly, Rickross has a similar approach to his formatting which allows consumers who appreciate lyrics to appreciate the flow and depth. “King” was that song that defines when boys become men, I can see a kid changed by his environment to deal with what comes with it now.

Lo-Profile paints a picture of him losing everything and sill acknowledges the most high. “Sorry” was the next stand out track to me the punchlines was on point reminded me of the days of Cassidy. The last song on the album was prolific and the perfect outro title “I’m Gone” feat Open Ceazn who melodically rides this beat into a classic feel. Lo-Profile, of course, comes with the depth and bars but together they formulated a hit I was especially impressed with this as a whole capping off the EP. To hear more or keep updated with new music and visuals by Lo-Profile tap into his website and social media outlets.

Rating: 8/10

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