L.H. “Phaided” (Album Review)

In May of 2018, I was given the opportunity to review music on a public platform for the first time. In June, I was dished out a project to review from an artist named L.H., and while I wasn’t terribly impressed by his music then, I felt there was plenty of room to improve and that he had more than enough ability to do so, even stating that I was “very interested to see what he puts out next.” Now, 7 months later, here we are again. L.H. drops his album “Phaided,” and the email for it has hit my inbox. Has the up and coming Chicago native evolved his music at all with his latest release?


To be blunt, not much. “Phaided” is a seven track album that genuinely feels like four. The first four songs have almost no discernible differences between the bpm, flow, and overall vibe. They just sort of blend into one drawn out, bouncy party track. Not the kind you would get down to, though. Rather, it’s more the type you would throw on quietly to play in the background while everyone just hangs out. Does that mean you should write this album off as a waste of time?


There are a few pieces of this project that manage to stand out. L.H.’s recording quality has improved immensely. One of the biggest hurdles for underground artists is often finding good equipment to record on. If you don’t have a mic that compliments your vocals, they often sound mashed together, but L.H.’s lyrics are very clear and crisp. The best song on the album is probably “P.b.b.” L.H. switches up his flow and fills his bars more than usual, which was one of my main complaints with his previous project. The instrumental is still very synth heavy, but it feels completed by the addition of L.H.’s vocals.

Even though there is a lack of variety in L.H.’s flow, beat selection, and content, I stand by the fact that he has the talent to really make waves in Hip Hop. My personal tastes in music are very specific, so naturally my criticism of a project may be the very reason you enjoy it. That being said, none of what I have to say about an artist’s work is meant to be dismissive. I love this genre and I want to see its talent prosper- that includes L.H. and every other artist I’ve had the privilege of reviewing.

Highlights: Vibe, Production

Rating: 6/10

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