Honor Flow Productions – “The B.L.A.C.K. Odyssey” (Album Review)

I was 1st introduced to Dj Chuck at an event called “Street Glyphics” brought to you by Untapped Hip-Hop. The atmosphere was live, I was impressed with DJ Chuck’s ability as a DJ to control a crowd. The audience was filled with Hip-Hop enthusiast ranging from all ages, showing the nostalgic music selection & rememberable sounds. I also met Norik Thascool member of the Black Odyssey at the art event held on the college campus of Cal State San Bernardino.

The 1st thing I noticed about the cover was the beautiful futuristic Ebony surrounded by melodies of sound, the artwork hyped me for the tape now awaiting the sonic sound to transcend the visual. The title of the album is “The B.l.a.c.k Odyssey” standing for Beyond light years away carrying knowledge holds a heavy inception as these artists banded together to bring a dream into manifestation. The 1st song on the album titled “Speed Of Light” gave me a retro feel, reminding me of the late 90s early 80s sound bringing us back to the early stages of Hip-Hop. I like the energy of the track but I do understand today’s atmosphere wouldn’t be able to connect wholeheartedly because the trap sound has overtaken our culture. I feel this album will be most appreciated by fans in the age ranges of 29- 45 which is also the demographic who buys actual copies of artist work.

“This that Jam” has a serenading vibe as Dj Chuck starts the song off with a smooth verse setting the tempo for an engaging record featuring Luna. Luna’s vocals bring an amplified sound to the track making it very universal and retro funk. Next on the track list “Alright” after listening to 3 records I see the direction of the artistry as the compilation continues to keep the funk vibe alive, this record is high tempo but has its smooth sectors that balance out the sonic vibe I can see the trio being featured in environments who promote the kids and non profit organizations as their music is to inspire.

“Its all Love” Production was a very melotone track that was dedicated to the family fans & supporters of them or Hip-Hop period. It gave us a more in-depth approach to knowing who Honor flow productions is. “Elevation” featuring Norik Thascool is straight retro 90s sound, I really like this record from the production to the composition. El8 starts the song off giving it a passionate intro setting the vibe right for Dj Chuck who came with his forever smooth cadence. Norik Thascool ended this song with a fire verse ending it perfect can’t wait to see a video for this. “Take The Ride” was my favorite song the intro was hilarious and insightful especially to the female crowd, I can see this being a dope video also. “Wuss the deal whats the word whats the reason” loved that start via Dj Chuck Old soul.

“Enjoy yourself” is a hit I love the vibe and intro along with the past recall giving the song more of an intimate feel, also the retro auto tune topping it off as a hit and the Zap and Rodger vibe was classic. “Living For The Weekend” is a conceptual song explaining how the world waits to live there lifes on  weekend warriors because the 9-5 drains the creative process. The truth within this track is what makes the song good, it’s a song artists and creators alike can relate to effortlessly.

Next track on the album “The life” featuring Luna, her vocals reminds me of the Erykah Badu song “Apple Tree” and in order to do that you have to be an exceptional artist yourself, props to the Queen. This track tells the story of the artist’s life and daily thoughts that go through the teams’ minds but also explaining music & family that allow the making of music to be a pleasant experience. “Weird Science” featuring Phantom Thrett is about the

“Conversation” featuring Shadows of Society is the rawest track on this album from the verses to hook. Shadows of Society spiritual brand adds something special to this song as it for sure puts them in the conversation. Honor flow productions is on their way to creating a great label situation for a current & new artist. Stay updated with the label on social media including IG @honorflowproductions or their brand new website  Honorflowproductions.com

Rating 7/10

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