Gen – “vLONE” (Single Review)

Chicago, Illinois artist Gen drops his new single titled “vLone” from jump the 1st thing I noticed was the cover with an old white man with dark shades tipping the scales of justice, this already got me excited to hear the content along with Gens picture in mug shot format. The production by OG Webbie was banging invoked a vibe instantly, Gen was able to create laid-back comedic overtone along with the bars not the most lyrical but not intended for rapicity but more in a 21 savage reminisce.

Trap shit from the jump from the perspective of just getting out of jail, it’s certainly a mindstate transition most inmates just released these are their exact thoughts and that what makes each artist & concept unique to itself as some can relate and some can’t see the reason why. Music is about having fun and for sure that’s the vibe created atmosphere wise.

I look forward to what Gen has to say on his upcoming album only then will we understand the full picture the artist is painting for the listeners. Chi-town rappers have given HIP-HOP some jewels and as the climate changes a new wave of artist hope to be able to contribute that and much more to the game. Follow artist Gen for real-time updates on social media and his website  to keep up to date with new music and visuals.

Rating: 6/10

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