Daytona Hanzo – “The Harder They Fall” (Album Review)

Known for his hard-hitting attitude and laid-back verses. Rising star recording artist Daytona Hanzo is ready to have the underground in the palm of his hands with the release of his new album, The Harder They Fall.

Following his previously release, Never Say Never. 13-track sixth installment, The Harder They Fall enters the unknown as Daytona Hanzo convince the new landscape that he is the next best thing in Hip-Hop. The rising artist covers new grounds lyrically, showcases his newly discovered sound, and builds upon his legacy.

Stream Daytona Hanzo’s new LP, The Harder They Fall below, courtesy of Spotify.

Surprisingly, Dayton Hanzo’s wordplay is very sing-along filled with catchy phrases, signature lingo, and convincing attitude. Daytona makes sure fans are fairly compensated on the project and it’s comfortably rewarding for both the artist and listeners. Very amusing, Hanzo pulls off big shots with accurate execution.

Trendy production, Daytona Hanzo’s sound is friendly popular. Sticking towards attention-grabbing, The Harder They Fall is heavy bassed 808 bounce. Among the new norm, the project’s mood is dark and groovy. Ride-along music is the best description of the new body of work, perfect for long trips. Daytona plays it safe creatively and arguably appreciative for the targeted demographic.

An acquired taste due to the project mood and pace, Daytona Hanzo sticks to his own lane on the new project and fans both new and old can be nothing but accepting of it. While not for everybody, the sound is entertaining, allowing Hanzo to be true to himself as an artist. Upon review, through his slick talk and deep tone, you get a sense of what type of person Daytona Hanzo is; however, it would be interesting to learn about the rising star on a personal level with his abilities to tell great personal stories thanks to his deep tone. Overall, The Harder They Fall is notable mention among Daytona’s growing catalog.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlight(s): Production

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