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With the influence the Internet has had on the music industry, anyone with talent or access to talent, basic recording equipment and a computer can easily and instantly become their own record label. In this day and age, there is so much music out there that a consumer can get a lifetime of new music without ever having to hear a song twice. Abstract Music was created to actually allow that scenario to happen to as many consumers as they possibly can. With topnotch music production and recording equipment, Abstract Music was born out of the necessity to empower both the consumer and the artist. Matter-of-fact, the record label is a manifestation of business savvy artists who themselves have been through the rough process artists go through in attempting to get their music out there. Like meaning of the name within itself, Abstract Music is up to the interpretation of the artists and the direction they want to take their music, backed by a group of music industry veterans, Abstract Music and its innovative usage of the Internet delivers heart wrenching music to the consumer at a pulsating rate.



Conway – “Everybody is F.O.O.D. 2: Eat What U Kill” (Mixtape Review) 

Conway is an MC from Buffalo, New York who with his brother Westside Gunn & their label Griselda Records have been taking over the underground over the course of this decade. He just dropped his 9th mixtape Everybody is F.O.O.D. over the summer & now with the end of the year approaching, he’s decided to drop a sequel out of the blue exclusively on his website.

The tape begins with “Fentanyl”, where Conway gets boastful over a chaotic beat. The next song “224 May Block” talks about having murder on his mind over a dark beat from The Alchemist while the track “Painkillers” is filled with battle bars over a dreary boom bap beat. The song “Hide the Body” with Benny pretty much speaks for itself over an eerie beat & after the “Corners” interlude, we go into the track “Cocaine Paid”. Here, Conway talks about the drug game over a surprising trap beat.

The track “G Money on the Roof” talks about people switching on him over a spacious boom bap beat while the song “Overdose” gets introspective over a minimalist instrumental. The penultimate track “Proud of Me” talks about people who expect something from him now that he’s famous over an upbeat instrumental & the closer “Piece of My Heart” is an ode to Benny’s brother Machine Gun Black over another soulful beat.

Overall, this is a fantastic sequel to one of the Machine’s best projects yet. It’s almost as raw lyrically & sonically but like the predecessor, I just wish it was a little longer. Can’t wait to see what Griselda is gonna do in 2019.

Score: 8/10

Joseph Jordan – “Weirdo” (Album Review) 

Hip-Hop has always been an outcast, a genre searching for its own identity and eventually manifested its own infectious sound. While the genre has discovered its elements, it’s artists still search for its own signature sound. Artists like Denver’s own Joseph Jordan whom have grown a cult-like fanbase with his unfamiliar brand of lyricism. The new artist reveals his latest new project, Weirdo, set to transcend the up-and-coming artist into a mainstream prospect.

Being weird has becoming trendsetting over the years that have accumulated mass success in music. Jordan expects to follow in the same footsteps of those before him with his unique ability of both producer and recording artist. Presenting a sound that has its own patent that separates himself from peers.

Stream Joseph Jordan’s New Project, Weirdo, courtesy of Soundcloud.

Expecting confusion, experimental, and disconnect due to the album’s title. Oddly enough, Weirdo’s production is noble with revealing instrumentals that express a tailored fit signifying Jordan’s arrival. Cutting-edge, Joseph Jordan’s lyricism is amazing due to its awkwardness. “Say What” is the album prize possession. An infectious track, the track signifies Jordan’s undeniable presence with an unlikely approach.

Pulling double duties, Joseph Jordan is organic with both the production and lyricism that fans will gravitate too immediately. Jordan leaves a blueprint easy to follow and process that puts him on a path all-new and all-original. The album’s chemistry is organic, strategic, and overall monumental. 

After hearing Weirdo, Joseph Jordan’s portrayal is influential as the rising star handled the entire project from scribe to production. Natural, impactful, and valuable, the new project is arguably Jordan’s best work yet. Open to all searching for defining new sound, Jordan transform being different into something glorifying. 

Weirdo is a much-needed project as we enter the new year. You’ve been happily fore warned. Dare to be different. 

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Punchlines

Follow Joseph Jordan on Twitter: @JosephJordan_

JOSEPHNSPARROWB – “X” (Album Review) 

Releasing two previous projects this year, Doom Hip-Hop’s JOSEPHNSPARROWB makes a surprising new entry for 2018 with a conceptual effort simply known as, X. Known for his custom sound compiled of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Doom Rap, and Metal. JOSEPHNSPAAROWB astonish with a new era sound set to bring a new sub-genre to the limelight. 

X, a story about a man whose done horrible things in his life and has died without closure. Stuck in a limbo, between life and death, as a ghost, introspecting on his wrong-doing. Intriguing story, JOSEPHNSPARROWB pitches a body of work that will set him apart from majority of the new artists looking to breakout in 2019.

Stream JOSEPHNSPARROWB’s new album, X, below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

Inviting; however, the production on X is fringe often among the 11-track effort. With the production establishing the tone, it is frightful but fails to be terrifying enough to solidify a groundbreaking foundation to transform the project into a must-hear. Due to the project’s organization, X can’t find a smooth path and often jumps around, causing an unignored distraction. 

As the production decay by the end of the project, the story’s lyricism sticks to the script and tells a great scary story. Using realism to emphasize an original horror, JOSEPHNSPARROWB’s story-telling will be known as the rising star’s most valuable technique. “Teen Suicide” is the rising star’s most confident track on the project and an exceptional finale.

Dark, suspenseful, and convincing. X is an acquired taste that will grow on new listeners through time. The project established value through its unique story-telling and keen execution. The project’s tone establish dominance. While unfamiliar territory, exploring the new project will be fulfilling for all whom embark.

Rating: 8/10

Highlights:  Concept

Follow Josephnsparrowb on Twitter: @JOSEPHNSPARROWB

RIIV – “Beautiful” 

Rising artist RIIV excites all of us with his new energetic single titled “Beautiful“, it details what it’s like when you realize you’re in love and how the person you’re falling for is the most beautiful soul in the world.