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With the influence the Internet has had on the music industry, anyone with talent or access to talent, basic recording equipment and a computer can easily and instantly become their own record label. In this day and age, there is so much music out there that a consumer can get a lifetime of new music without ever having to hear a song twice. Abstract Music was created to actually allow that scenario to happen to as many consumers as they possibly can. With topnotch music production and recording equipment, Abstract Music was born out of the necessity to empower both the consumer and the artist. Matter-of-fact, the record label is a manifestation of business savvy artists who themselves have been through the rough process artists go through in attempting to get their music out there. Like meaning of the name within itself, Abstract Music is up to the interpretation of the artists and the direction they want to take their music, backed by a group of music industry veterans, Abstract Music and its innovative usage of the Internet delivers heart wrenching music to the consumer at a pulsating rate.



Mr2theP – “You Aint Know” (Video) 

After dropping a series of slappers from the first installment of his Island Fever trilogy, rising Huntington Beach hip hop artist Mr2theP releases his latest single/video titled “You Ain’t Know“.   He Describes his journey documenting the sequence of life altering events that led him to his current personal and artistic headspace on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

Obi Khan – “Gods” Ft. Thanos & Arewhy (Video) 

New video by rising underground Hip Hop artist Obi Khan titled “Gods” Ft. Thanos and Arewhy.  Produced by Thanos Beats.  Off his upcoming LP THC​-​4.

What is appealing about Obi Khan is that he came back to Hip Hop after a 20 YEAR HIATUS in early 2018 and released an LP, EP and DJ Mix tape all in as many months. “THC-4” is by far one of the dopest, most original and diverse Underground Hip Hop LPs you will hear this year! Having worked this year with artists such as Vast Aire, DJ Pain 1, Thanos Beats, Brotherhood 603, Arewhy, Reef the Lost Cauze, Merc The Big Body Benz, C-Rayz Walz, Jabba Tha Kut and more! Obi Khan focuses on preservation of the old school flavor with a new school twist.

Hermit & the Recluse – “Orpheus vs. The Sirens” (Album Review) 

Hermit & the Recluse is duo consisting of the renown Brownsville, New York underground MC Ka & former Brothaz Bent producer Animoss. They collaborated together last year on the song “Marksmen” off of Roc Marciano‘s 4th album Rosebudd’s Revenge & now a year later, they have come together & have released their debut album out of the blue.

The album starts off with “Sirens”, which gets conscious while referencing numerous names in Greek mythology over an orchestral instrumental. The next track “Fate” talks about how superior he is with a faint organ in the background while the song “Orpheus” talks about “flexing with the God instead with the heathens” over a killer guitar. The song “Atlas” tells the story of a criminal over some prominent keys while the track “Argo” is about the path he’s on over a chilling instrumental.

The song “Golden Fleece” is about growing up in the hood over a settle instrumental with a prominent organ while “The Punishment of Sisyphus” gets insightful over a gloomy beat with an electric guitar. The song “Hades” is about bringing light to the gutter over some keyboards while the penultimate track “Oedipus” talks about his “you can’t relate” because “we ain’t family”’over some horns. The album then finishes with “Companion of Artemis”, where Ka talks about being the hunter or the prey over some laidback guitar passages.

From front to back, this is one of the best albums I’ve heard all year. Animoss perfectly provides a Godly feel in his instrumentals & Ka’s lyricism is just as smart as it’s been in the past, but my only real complaint about it is that a few of the tracks are way too short.

Score: 8/10

Josh Breezzyy – “Tortured Artist” (Album Review) 

In a genre over saturated with exaggerations, false advertisement, and lies, Josh Breezzyy brings his honest emotions to the forefront for all to witness.

In full disclosure, “Tortured Artist” is probably not for the feint of heart. It’s stuffed full of very dark themes, ranging from family problems to suicide. The majority of the 25 tracks dive head first into Josh’s emotions with very little time for the listener to catch their breath. However, this is a departure from the style of his previous two projects.

What is not a departure is how lyrically inclined Josh Breezzyy is. When he really focuses up, he can create some noteworthy flows and intricate wordplay. Not every song is a flawless gem, though. There are a handful in which Josh winds up very off beat, sounding choppy and forced, but he typically finds his way back to a clean rhythm.

The instrumentals for “Tortured Artist” are very complementary to the dark mood the album carries. Every single one of them feels unique and unforced. All of his samples are clean and crisp, layered perfectly into their respective beats.

Because the dark themes are plastered all over just about every track, the album’s listenability is lost some what. Some people may relate to Josh’s words more than others, and find his openness comforting. For most people, I feel the constant barrage of depressing concepts make “Tortured Artist” difficult to even finish, which is unfortunate, because the very last track, “All a Dream,” puts a spin on almost every single word in the previous twenty-four songs. Each separate story related to the listener becomes organized and begins to make sense conceptually. It’s not enough to bump the album into “classic” territory, but it absolutely got me reconsidering how I was going to score it in this review.

Even with the twist ending, the main problem “Tortured Artist” has is that it’s simply too depressing. At no point is there a moment of hope or redemption, instead the listener is given a reality check that is simply less undesirable than the alternative. I’m not saying that Josh should have made songs contrary to his emotions and thoughts, but he didn’t have to end the narrative where he did. I feel like if the album had been shortened, maybe by five tracks, included more “spacer” tracks to give the listener a break here and there, and then had more after the turning point in “All a Dream” to carry the listener back into a more healthy mind state, the project would have been one of the most incredible concept pieces in rap today. It’s an absolutely brilliant idea, the execution was just off slightly. With that being said, keep a look at for Josh in the future; the man is a genius in the making.

Rating: 6/10

Highlights: Story telling, Lyricism, Production

Follow Josh Breezzyy on IG, Twitter, FB, and his Website.

Sceyentifik ft. Zavion – “Roll Out” (Video) 

In-support of his new album, Sceyentifik unveils the first video of the project for the single, “Roll Out”.

Directed by Lex Dawson, Sceyentifik and Zavion preach a message of social injustice, adversity, and more as they narrate several various life situations surrounded by religion, politics, and the streets. Simple, “Roll Out” is a must-hear that can inspire change on many levels. A convincing first prelude to the album, Sceyentifik is perfect for the current status quo.

“Roll Out” is off of Sceyentifik’s first installment ‘The Sceyence Project Vol.1’. Watch the new video above and listen to the new project, available now courtesy of Spotify.

Watch here.

Follow Sceyentifik on Twitter: @Sceyentifik

DJ NoMis ft. Post Malone – “Girls Are No Fun” 

Fast rising New York DJ/Producer DJ NoMis is ready to take the majors by storm with the release of his brand new single, entitled, “Girls Are No Fun”. Featuring a concept verse from record-breaking recording artist Post Malone and his hit single, “I Fall Apart”. “Girls Are No Fun” is catchy, hip, and buzzworthy, the new single is sharping up to be the necessary breakthrough track that DJ Nomis needs to become the next best thing.

“Girls Are No Fun” follows up Nomis previous release “The Future on Track”. Both tracks are available now on all major streaming platforms.

Follow DJ NoMis on Twitter: @Derajnois

Quality Control DJs Headline Own Tour 

Too Official Promotions in conjunction with Ov’r Da Top Promotions and Industry Rollout have partnered together to bring us The Quality Control DJs Tour. Quality Control has its finger on the pulse of today’s hits with multiple hits by its roster of superstars including Migos, Lil Yacthy, and Lil Baby. Spearheaded by Too Official who is the marketing manager for Quality Control Music Group, the QC DJ’s 2018 Tour will start August 10, performing in 15 cities across Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, and St. Louis. The three artist that will be headlining this tour are Erica Blac , DurtyDu And Trap Dinero.

DurtyDu mixes the hard sounds of the streets of uptown Washington DC, where he was born and raised, with chill, hip hop vibes. Raised by Muslim parents from Sierra Leone, DurtyDu uses his time spent abroad to creatively blend both his American and African influence in his lyrics and style. Raised in Cypress Hills in East New York, Brooklyn Erica Blac is a singer with an island sound stemming from her Haitian roots and spiritual vibes. Her soulful lyrics are inspired by her love for reggae and soul music.

See the complete tour dates below for a city near you.
August 10th, 2018 In Jackson, MS At Freelons

August 13th, 2018 In Macon, Ga At Sparks Lounge

August 17th, 2018 In Warner, Robbins At Blitz

August 18th, 2018 In Gainesville FL At Saga Nightclub

August 19th, In Savannah, Ga At Dapphin Park

August 23rd, 2018 In Valdosta , Ga At Stadium

August 25th, 2018 In Fort Valley, Ga At Shaggys

August 30th, 2018 In Columbus, Ga At Club Fetish

September 1st, 2018 In Millidgville, Ga At Ballroom

September 7th, 2018 In East St. Louis, IL At Da Beno

September 8th, 2018 In Augusta, Ga At Club 706/ Private Eye

September 15th, 2018 In Jacksonville, FL | TBA

September 16th, 2018 In Aiken, SC At Seventh Lounge

September 21th, 2018 In Ridgeland, SC At Pluto

September 22th, 2018 In Barnesville, Ga At Rendezvous

The tour is lead by the new single, “Every Little Thing” by Erica Blac. Listen to the new single below, courtesy of Spotify.

El Camino – “Walking on Water” (Album Review) 

El Camino is an MC from Buffalo, New York who‘s been blowing up within the past year. He signed to Griselda Records & dropped a self-titled EP last November but now, he’s back on the scene with his full-length debut.

After the intro, we get into the first song “Ghetto”. Here, El Camino talks about him being the best over a soulful Alchemist sounding instrumental. The title track speaks on drug dealing over some strings while the song “Friend or Foe” talks about wealth over an instrumental kin to Ghostface Killah’s 1996 solo debut Ironman. The track “Peter in a Porsche” contains more shit-talking over another soulful beat similar to RZA’s production work in the late 90’s & while the song “Communion” does talk about being real, the El Carnicero feature is just alright.

The track “Coke” pretty much speaks for itself over a haunting beat while the song “Rosemary” gets romantic over a laidback instrumental. The track “Gas Stove” returns to the drug dealing concept over an ominous guitar & the penultimate song “Rayful Bag” with Benny gets murderous over a boom bap beat with sinister keyboards. And before things end with the outro, the final song “Shook” with Benny & Meyhem Lauren goes continues the concept of the previous track but in a much grittier fashion.

Overall, this is El Camino’s best work yet. Even though it’s only 32 minutes long, the production is rawer & El Camino sounds colder than ever before. If you wanna see a rising star on one of the hottest labels out right now, then give this a listen.

Score: 8/10